How Do I?

How Do I is an app that helps people live more independent lives. NFC and video combine to make everyday tasks easier. We’re developing this product in conjunction with Swiss Cottage School and are proud to have been recently named finalists in the NESTA technology inclusiveness prize 2015

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We’ve developed the How Do I? app as a product to help people lead more independent lives. Our collaboration with Special Needs Institution Swiss Cottage School will make a real difference to those needing help in everyday tasks from boiling a kettle to using an Iron.

Creating a product from scratch is something we love doing and How Do I? is no exception. It was really important to design a product that was easy and simple to understand, relevant for the audience who would be using it.

Our approach to developing the product was to design an app that would be both accessible and scalable for use in a variety of situations. We reviewed a variety of potential technology solutions such as iBeacon, Bluetooth, QR codes but decided the simplest and most effective was Near field communication (NFC) technology – Just point it at an item and see a video of how to use it.

We’re proud to say our app is a finalist in the Nesta Inclusive Technology Prize challenge 2015. For more information about How Do I? or to talk to us about apps, products or innovation, drop us a line here